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Parish Nursing




Parish Nursing is all about supporting people and communities towards whole person healthcare. It can happen through a local church of any denomination.

Parish nurses work with people of all ages and backgrounds, those with any faith or none. Whether it’s simply giving moral support during a medical crisis – giving general health advice or educating for health – “signposting” people to various support or medical services – praying for people – clarifying medical procedures or issues, – or simply listening (which they do an awful lot of!) – they focus on the person, rather than just a specific medical condition, integrating the different aspects of health.

If prescriptions, dressings, injections, or help with personal care are needed, they are provided by the health and social care services, but the parish nurse can be the link, ensuring that people use the health services appropriately, and understand their medication, care and condition.

They can help to prevent hospital admissions by following up people who have been discharged from care, are at risk, or have early signs of health problems. They train and coordinate volunteers to provide extra support during times of crisis, or combating loneliness. They encourage exercise and healthy nutrition, so that preventable diseases are less likely to ensue. They help young people to understand the dangers of unhealthy behaviours. They may organise events such as a men’s health breakfast, where a GP is invited to speak about the early signs people should watch for in regard to their health, a health fair, or a course on stress management for busy executives.

Dear All

For all who are interested in the Parish Nursing scheme, we have officially launched the project at the recent parish away day. I plan to lead, along with my team, many free health clinics including sessions on blood pressure checks, weight management, diabetes awareness, first aid and many more.

Please also feel free to approach me at anytime for any health related issues and I will assist in as many ways as I can or point you in the direction of someone who can. One example of a service I can offer is to check your blood pressure and record this for you in order for your GP to use.

The service will grow I am sure over time and I welcome any help from anyone who wishes to provide support in the form of volunteering, prayer or any other manner you wish.

Please look out for the planned events and feel free to attend any that grab your interest.

yours in faith


Parish Nurse, RGN