About Us


We have 3 churches in the Parish

St Mary’s in Eastham Village. It is the Parish Church and it’s amazing to think that God has been worshipped on this site for over a 1,000 years although none of our congregation has! You will be given a very warm welcome.

We have 2 sister churches:



Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Eastham Rake.  As the area developed in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s the Chapel, or Church Centre or Community Church as it’s really known, was built to cater for those in these new communities and as a centre for Parish activities. You will be given a very warm welcome here too.




Chapel of St. Peter in Brookhurst Close. New housing was built in this area too and St Peter’s was built to cater for this community. A very homely atmosphere used by many children’s groups and for worship too. Guess what? You will be given a warm welcome here too.


Both of the Chapels have halls that are hired for private lettings from parties to Zumba. If you would like more information please contact:

Jean for Church Centre – 327 3317  or  Sandra for St Peter’s – 07889 431085


Registered Charity No. 1134801

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